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Friday, March 17, 2006

Harry Reid - King Idiot

"This Man Will Go Down As The Worst President This Country Has Ever Had"...

NY Times | CARL HULSE | Posted March 17, 2006 03:50 PM


So proclaims the banner of todays HuffPo page. I've been trying to decipher the meaning of the presidential portraits they've displayed along with the header. The 'worst ever' comment came from Harry Reid, the democratic leader. Ahem...Who would have expected such vitriol from Dingy Harry?

Are they saying the other five presidents pictured with Bush are the runner-ups for worst president ever? Or is this like one of those scratch off tickets, pick the worst president from the bunch, scratch the face off with a coin and if you guessed correctly you get an Arianna t-shirt?

Or are they saying the other 5 were our best presidents ever and Bush's portrait displayed among theirs is the inside joke?

a) Cuz Truman dropped nukes and had a sub 30% approval rating at one point.
b) Jefferson and Washington owned slaves.
c) Abe was a Republican.
d)Kennedy was the son of a very dishonest man who made a lot of money in very very dishonest ways. He was a pill popper who cheated openly on his wife.

So, I am guessing that the HuffPo means that the above pictured presidents are the worst ever, with George Bush being the worst.

But I could be wrong. They might be saying these are the greatest president ever.
I think they are.
All of them, and President Bush's portrait belongs right there with the rest of them. Time will prove that and history will judge him well.

Clinton wasnt displayed so maybe I'm on to something.

(Whatever the case may be, I bet if you showed the above portraits to high school graduates and asked them to tell you who they were, most could name maybe 3 at best. )


Blogger moonbat said...

It’s easy to pick out the worst president ever. Only George has that snake smile that suggests that no matter what, do business with him and you’re going to get fucked, screwed, cheated, lied to and probably have your phone tapped.
Harry Reid may not be the most forthcoming individual in the history of the republic, but compared to Bush, his boss Cheney, Congo and Rummie, he’s a saint.
My suggestion is that y’all stay of HuffPo and we’ll stay off this crappy, hard to work piece of shit page so-called blog, and we’ll all get along.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Well, I wont be staying off the HuffPo. Sorry. I know you expect everybody to stay on their repective plantation. You judge a president by his smile. That speaks volumes. If I do 'business' with Bush I am going to get my phone tapped? Do you people realize how shrill and looney you sound? Thats why I am here.
To expose you hateful racist hypocrite moonbats.
You dont have to stay off my site. All are welcome.

7:41 AM  

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