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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gore Vidal - At the HuffPo

Gore Vidal is pleased with all the movies coming out that have gay themes. He's all excited about Brokeback Mountain and Capote. Not necessarily because they are great films, but because they have gay themes or characters.

Everybody is talking about the gay cowboy movie. Except everybody seems to forget one thing: these arent cowboys. They are gay sheepherders. Even Gore alludes to the notion that these two men were getting bored with the sheep: "You can see how the two sheepherders might get tired of the sheep and begin to look to each other, as a kind of variation on a theme."

But if you read between the lines you'll find that Mr. Vidal doesnt have a problem with sheep sex. Sex is just sex, doesnt matter if its gay sex or sex with animals, and I would have to assume that this same logic would apply to consenting minors. There is no such thing as unnatural sex according to Vidal. Its just about getting your rocks off.
Now, before you start screaming, I am not trying to equate beastiality with homosexuality. Quite the contrary, I couldnt care less who you have sex with. You can have sex with an apple pie (thanks, Hollywood) for all I care. But puleeeeeazzzze....leave the animals out of it, Gore.

"It is traditional, it is biologically correct; mammals have been performing same-sexual acts ever since the first mammal was created."
Thats because they are animals, Gore. They dont do it because they are in love with other. My male dog mounts my other male dog all the time, and its a power-control thing, not doggie love. Sometimes he gets the wrong end and humps the side of the other dogs head. Then a fight breaks out. He doesnt love my leg either or the pillow on the floor. He is just an animal. Mammals have also been ripping each others throats out since they first appeared on the planet, I dont think its 'natural' for us to go around doing that, do you? Look, if you are attracted to the same sex, all the power to you. But dont assume that I am close-minded just because I dont clap you on the back and say, 'nice job, I gotta tell my kids about this'.

Vidal says, "Sex is a continuum. You go through different phases along life’s way … and if you don’t, you’ve been sort of cheated."

What does that even mean? Does it mean that if I havent experimented with gay sex at some point in my life I've been cheated? That is ridiculous. I couldnt care less if people want to love a person of the same sex. Homosexuality has been around as long as we have and its not going away. Love each other and do it well.

In an episode of The Simpsons, the family is at the annual town parade when the gay community goes marching by. They chant "We're here! We're Queer! Get used to it!!". To which Lisa shouts back, "We are used to it, you guys do this every year!!!".
The Simpsons once spoofed Gore Vidal in an episode. Lisa is lamenting the fact that she has not yet been kissed by a boy. She's holding a book by Gore Vidal and looking at his picture on the back of the books jacket sleeve and she sighs, "Even he has kissed more boys than I ever will...". Marge corrects her, "Girls, Lisa! Boys kiss girls...."

But as I mentioned earlier, I dont think Gore has a problem with beastiality either. Sex is sex. Authorities recently arrested a group of pervs in Washington state who were having sex with horses, goats, dogs, sheep, and other animals. Their defense in court was that the animals werent harmed and didnt mind, so it was a natural thing between man and animal. How long will it take before we are 'tolerant' of this practice?

Vidal says,
"People are in prison for having done “unnatural acts” as they call it. Who is to say what is an unnatural act?"
The horse, Gore, the horse. If only he could speak.

"Look, homophobia is fed into every child in the United States at birth. It is unrelenting, it never lets up. "
Hogwash. I didnt even understand what sex was until the 5th grade. I sure didnt know or understand anything about gay lifestyles. Nowadays, its actually the opposite of what Vidal claims: our children are indoctrinated from pre-school on that gay behaviour is normal and to be admired. So, dont feed me that line of tired victimology.

Vidal then lets loose with this gaseous anal emission: "The events that befell poor President Clinton were all done because he wanted healthcare for everyone in the country, so you get him on dalliance with Monica in the White House. This was all cooked up to destroy the most intelligent politician in the history of the United States. "
Okay....you can believe that if you want, but now you are delusional. Poor Bill Clinton. The married, bible toting, church-going leader of our nation groping and humping everything he could lay his philandering hands on, and then looking directly into the camera and lying to the American people, his wife, and his daughter. Then taking the stand in court under oath and perjuring himself. Yeah, he's a great guy, a pillar of respect, Mr. Vidal.

Dont worship a movie (or a politician) just because of its theme. It still has to be good. You guys did that with "The Day After Tomorrow" and that movie was total garbage. So is Brokeback Mountain. It is boring, what we guys call a 'chick flic'. In fact, its soooo boring that the two characters in the movie stop having sex with sheep and start doing each other. Two big thumbs up! Its a nature movie.

And we all know the Academy loves nature flics. Expect this one to get all the honor it deserves from the Hollywood elite this Sunday.

link to Gore Vidal column


Blogger joe said...

Why this is even an issue i have no idea, though those who worry over homosexuality the most are most often repressed homosexuals themselves.

I think your wrong about the anti-gay thing in america, I didnt know anything about sex either until I was 10 or so, but by then I already knew how terrible a thing homosexuality was, how it was a crime against god and nature, how it ws unnatural and obscene, how god had in fact destroyed an entire city just becuase they had some homosexuals there. Yes, the anti-gay propaganda aimed at our children is VERY apparent.

Now I have to admit, I find homosexuality distasteful in men, though I find myself okay with female homosexuality, becuase I can understand the attraction to a woman. What that tells me is its just a matter of attraction, that if I were indeed attracted sexually to another man, that would seem normal to me.But as I am not, I find it repulsive. That's true in every part of my life. I love tuna, fresh sashimi grade, or even a tuna-salad sandwich, but if you take that same can of tuna, and cook it with noodles and peas I cant stand it, makes me physically ill just to smell it cooking in the casserole.
Its all across the board, you like what you like, and what you dont you may actually abhor. Its all subjective, and my taste buds are no better or worse than yours, they are just different. and there's nothing wrong with different.

As for human/animal sex, well I dont know anyone personally that I think would be capable of it, but this is the deep south, where men are men and livestock are nervous. wouldnt be a choice I'd make, and yes I think its disgusting and abusive.

Yes there is a push towards tolerance of other people's way of life, sexuality and everything else different about us humans. We are trying to reverse thousands of years of religious and social oppression. it might stick in the craw of one with a heavy reliance on religion, but everyone else is trying to make the world better for everyone else, not just for you 144,000. do you get a ticket for that? or do you just have to wait for the rapture to see if you're going?

you say : Dont worship a movie (or a politician) just because of its theme. It still has to be good.

I can agree, but obviously your values differ from mine, so what is good for you may not be good for me. Somewhere we have to agree to disagree. It's called getting along with others, they were supposed to teach you that in kindergarden.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous pekka said...

I really shouldn't be commenting on a movie I haven't seen but if there ever was one with more enthusiastic response by the audiences, I haven't seen one. It also represents something completely different coming from Holly-Wood, if it is from there at all. The main reason for me not to go to see it, and I am shamed of myself here, is that I start squirming if I had to see man on man stuff. May my soul burn in the hell or in a over heated Finnish sauna for that! Oscars for these loving Cow Boys seem to be in the bag.

What I wanted to say the most is that mr.joe has added an other layer to this blog.I am looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your thoughts although joe, in his own blog, exhibits propensity for laziness.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

I was raised in a conservative family. The first time I saw gay people was when we were on vacation in hawaii. Two guys holding hands stopped and kissed and then kept walking. I was like 12. I looked kinda confused and my dad says, "Hey, I guess its ok as long as theyre in love". Most of the best friends I have are gay, having worked in the entertainment industry for a number of year.

What I dont like is a social agenda being forced on me. Now its gotten to the point that if you think homosexuality is wrong, for whatever reasons, there is something wrong with you, and that is intolerant. There will come a day where expressing such an opinion wont be protected by free speech. And I do think our children are being forcibly indoctrinated wth moral relativism and this is wrong. There is a difference between good and bad, there are cultures that are better than others.

6:30 PM  
Blogger joe said...

Thank you Pekka, for pointing out that I dont keep up with all of my blogs as well as I might if I didnt also hold down several jobs.

I have 2 rules for posting, if nobody answers 3 posts in a row I stop posting for a while. The second is not to add a post that others have done unless I have another take on it.

There is also that whole working 12-16 hours a day thing which makes it harder to keep up. I do try.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous pekka said...

Sorry Kevin using your site as a bulletin board but joe accepts only blogger comments on his site!

This what joe is saying about working 12-16 hrs/day is for an average European pretty well incomprehensible. Yes I have heard about it but to come this "close" to a person who is actually doing it is thought provoking.

5:23 AM  

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