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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Backhanded 'Clarification' From Murtha

Super War Hero Jack Murtha blessed us with a blog entry over at the HuffPo today.

Despite Another $67 Billion, Our Army is Broke and Badly Depleted

reads the headline. I'll bet the enemy is high fiving each other every time this guy opens his mouth. In late 2005 he made similar comments, saying "the Army is broken" and "has done all they can."

I'm guessing his constituents didnt appreciate it very much and they let him know. So now he is playing the same card that gets played everytime one these Dems puts a foot in their mouth: Let the public know that your comments were misunderstood.
Today he writes:

"I have said before that our army is broke, hollow, and stretched thin. I am not talking about the soldiers; they are well trained and have accomplished their mission. I say this in regards to the equipment and my particular concern regarding the National Guard."

Right....he wasnt talking about the soldiers, the lying scumbag. Right after he made those statements Al Qaeda hit us and the Iraqis with a rash of suicide bombers. Shortly after Murtha claimed civil war had broken out in Iraq, the insurgents increased their attacks on innocent Iraqis in hopes of making his and the media's predictions come true.

Murtha adds,
"If something were to happen domestically in the near future -- and it's not an "if", it's a "when" -- the Guard will be severely hampered."

Jack, do you know something you havent told the rest of us? Its not an 'if', its a 'when'? But you just told us, Jack, you said "in the near future". Thats a 'when' and an 'if'

Do not mistake hard work for foundering. Respectfully, Rep. Murtha - you are so wrong you are dangerous. To our troops.


Blogger joe said...

Why backhanded? he said the army was broken, he didnt say the soldiers werent doing their jobs. Most everyone knows what Murtha is talking about, that while the Bush administration is busy funneling money to the war machine, almost none of it gets to our troops, not in food, not in clothing, not in armor. Indeed halliburton and the rest of the bush/chaney money laundering racket is guilty of stealing from our troops, in a time of war no less.

The simple fact is, Murtha spends a huge amount of time talking to the troops, from injured vets to active generals, and he knows what the problems are, as does anyone that is paying attention. Murtha knows better than most, that the only thing keeping our armed forces viable is the bent backs of our soldiers.

The something happening domestically that Murtha was hinting at is pretty obvious, natural disasters are the national gaurds most common assignments, and wait till you see this years hurricane season, not to mention this dry winters rash of wildfires, or any tornadoes that might hit. That is a When and not an if. we know there will be natural disasters, its just a matter of When. we dont know about most attacks, that is a matter of IF.

As to the bit about after Murtha says something the bombings increase, that's just plain bullsh*t, none of them were blowing themselves and us up in iraq until we decided to attack a country that was no threat to us. Why didnt we just finish the job in afganistan? oh right, higher heroin production fuels both sides of the War on Drugs, and killing off more of our children leaves more of the countries wealth to the wealthy, soldiers wives and children just go broke, and the children follow their hero father to their own deaths, the viciuos cycle of population control.

So Murtha is a lying scumbag, but you've no trouble with Bush's "no-one could have forseen the:" add your favorite disaster here. Some fun choices, planes flying into the WTC, The levees being breached, an extended insurgency I could go on, but what's the point?

8:04 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

U.S. Army is "broken, worn out" and "living hand to mouth."

Wasnt aware that this meant trucks, armor, bullets. It refers to the troops. They take great exception to these comments. As for your ridiculous claim that the troops are receiving 'almost none' in terms of food, clothing, and armor, that is pure bunk. I'm curious where you get that from. And here comes the 'haliburton', bush/cheney getting rich stealing from our troops. '

More sad stuff, Joe. Just cuz you keep repeating something enough doesnt make it true. Do you really think that either Cheney or Bush are looking to profit personally in monetary terms? Cheney doest have long enough to live to spend his money as it is. Bush will never hurt for money as long as he lives.

So they send thousands of soldiers to die for what? To make money for their friends? Do you really believe this stuff?

8:55 PM  

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