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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Arianna on The Colbert Report

Arianna looked good on The Colbert Report, but the neckline was a little low on that dress. Arrgg....you aint 28 anymore, hon. In spite of the advice offered by her HuffPo readers, who told her to leave the funny stuff to Steve, she didnt.

Still, it was a hilarous interview. Colbert is faster with the wit than I thought. At the beginning of the interview, Arianna reached out and touched Steve's forearm while imploring,
"Come with us..."
"Excuse me?"
"Come with us..."
Steve pulls away and says, "Your touch burns me, Arianna". The audience roars.

Colbert asks her about her blog, The Huffington Post. He wants to know which is harder, starting a lemonade stand or starting a blog, because he needs a project to keep his 7 yr old daughter busy.
Arianna talks about the 'challenges' of starting a blog and then she proudly exclaims, gesturing to the studio audience, "and a lot of the Huffington Post team is here in the audience tonight!!"

She waits for the thunderous applause but its just Dead Air. You could hear a pin drop.
Then Colbert asks her about the celebrities who are writing blogs for the HuffPo.

AH: "If you want to know what Al Franken or Norah Ephron or Larry David or Steve Martin or Bill Maher are thinking about anything, right now, in real time, go to the Huffington Post".

SC: " Thank God there is finally a place for Hollywood people to express their views! Because you know, if the war was any indication they really can change things. People love hearing what they think."

Then a little later,
SC: "Let me ask you something, speaking of you and hating our troops, I've noticed that you are one of those 'cut and runners'. "
AH: "You know what, Steven, I'm amazed that you would use the phrase 'cut and run', because theres the argument in truthiness... 'cut and run' is just a catch phrase that stops people from thinking!"
SC: "Exactly! We want them to feel, it doesnt matter what your reasons are, it feels like youre betraying America. You gotta admit, 'cutting and running' sounds bad..."
AH: "Cutting and running doesnt sound bad, unless you are a truthiness fanatic like you are..."
SC: "Im not a truthiness fanatic, I'm truthinesses father."
"Not according to Wikipedia. You popularized it but you did not invent it..."
"Fuck them."

AH: "Bottom line, the truth is, unequivically, the truth is that our presence in Iraq the presence of our troops in Iraq is making the situation worse, its fueling the violence there. And you say you want democracy, well, over 20% of the Iraqis want us gone. So, if you want democracy why dont you listen to what the Iraqis are saying..."
SC: "Hey, what If we pulled out of our own civil war, Arianna, we'd still have slaves. Why do you hate black people?"

Arianna was pretty stunned by this question and didnt know what to say, then Stephen told her, "None of this is going on the air so keep going. We wrapped about 3 minutes ago...."
AH: (confused) "We did?....We did?"
The audience is howling.

His final question: "Can Hillary win in '08?"
Arianna: "No. Hillary can not win and any democrats who nominate her have a death wish.."
Colbert: "I agree...Arianna Huffington said it.... a woman cant be president."

Arianna was a good sport and it looked like they both had a good time.


Blogger joe said...

Unfortunately I missed it, saw a short clip but not enough. Have to see if it's showing again soon.

12:55 AM  
Blogger joe said...

I was in luck,I caught the whole interview, and it was hilarious. She didnt seem flustered at any point though the "we wrapped up" bit was pretty funny.

Colbert is a genius, though I prefer the Daily show, there's a bit more variety there, even if some of the bits are a bit lame at times.

1:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, if you haven't figured it out by now Colbert is making fun of you!!! Actually, it's Bill O'Reilly who is the inspiration for his farce, but he's ragging on "conservatives".

Don't believe me? Just check out some of his earlier work, as well as interviews he did when his show premiered.

And I agree: Colbert is a genius.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Senor said...

Duh. I said in an earlier posting that Colbert leans to the left, just like the Daily Show. But it doesnt make him any less funny. He goes after the left and the right and he's a hoot. Thanks for pointing out that he's really 'ragging' on us. Now we are on to him....hehe

12:59 PM  
Blogger Jason Ward said...

That was good... I found it at:


11:57 PM  

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