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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Reason I Watch Fox

Though President Bush's approval rating, in a new CBS News poll released Monday night, was just one point lower than where it stood in October -- and thus well within the poll's three-point margin of error, Bob Schieffer teased the CBS Evening News by declaring: "There is little to celebrate at the White House where public dissatisfaction, that began with the handling of Hurricane Katrina, has driven President Bush's approval ratings to an all-time low" of 34 percent."

Everybody jumped on that figure and reported it. CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, CNBC, and FOX.

Except a funny thing happened on the way to the broadcast. Only ONE news outlet reported the WHOLE story and that was FOX. Thats why I watch it and trust it most. They still displayed the 34% rating that the others were displaying.
But they also told the truth behind the poll. NONE of the other networks or the staff writers at the HuffPo have had the nutsack to tell you the rest of the story.

Left unmentioned: How the poll-takers questioned many more Democrats than Republicans. A PDF posting of poll results lists 409 Democratic respondents versus 272 Republican respondents. CBS "weighted" the results to effectively count 289 Republicans versus 381 Democrats. And while in a couple of minutes of network air time you can hardly be expected to recite every poll finding, CBS managed to skip over several numbers which demonstrated the disconnect between the public and the national press corps. On "media coverage of Cheney hunting accident," for instance, the public overwhelmingly repudiated -- by three-to-one -- the media's obsession: 66 percent said the media devoted "too much time" compared to a piddling 22 percent who thought the press allocated the "right amount of time."
(from the Media Research Center)


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