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Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Politician With No Ideas

State Bill Proposes Christianity Be Missouri's Official Religion...
reads the headline at the HuffPo.

The more than likely soon to be ex-State representative R-David Sater
presented a bill that would name Christianity the state's official "majority" religion.
House Concurrent Resolution 13 has is pending in the state legislature.
Many Missouri residents had not heard about the bill until Thursday.

Of course, one of the first responses from a HuffPo reader was:
This is where George Bush is taking us... When do we start burning witches again?

Why is it always 'Blame George'? Need I remind you that most Americans believe in God?

Im a Republican. And a Christian. But this is the stupidest waste of taxpayers money, and our public servants are fiddling away precious time on ridiculous bills like these.
Now, to those bigots who have responded with slams against people of religion, I say you need to grow a bit, in your hearts and souls. You arent very tolerant and I thought thats what you new-deal socialists were all about. I'm not seeing it. All I see is hate and bigotry from a great majority of the readers postings at the HuffPo.

And try to remember, you can vote. You gotta do more than give props out to your main man, you gotta do more than rock the vote, you've actually gotta vote. Thats how things get decided in America (unless the 9th Circuit resorts to judicial activism and overturns the will of the people). And if they want to make laws reflecting their religous views, and you dont want them to, well you better drag your ass to the ballot box for once or contact your congressman.

Your elections arent getting stolen from you. They are getting handed to us by the Al Frankens, the Michael Moores, the Harry Belafontes, and the Ariannas, who are by the way, ALL multi millionaires invested in mutual funds and 401k's that most CERTAINLY have in their portfolios shares of companies like CSX, Haliburton, Exxon/Mobil, Glaxo, etc., the very companies they claim are corporate devils. Those who you bow down to at the altar of liberalism are all hypocrites.

Go look at the stock indexes in your own 401ks. It might surprise you to find that you are also invested in them. If youre smart you are. The real world works much more differently than the petri dish universe most liberals seem to thrive in.

But try not to get too worked up over this nonsensical legislation. This bill wont pass.....Its just one more moronic politician making a career limiting move. Each party has its own Ted Kennedys and Harry Reids. You know, the idiots in the asylum. Say Adios to Rep. Sater at the Voting Booth.
God Bless You.


Anonymous pekka said...

This was an informative, hard hitting yet fair commentary. However, my question is; didn't your foundin fathers decide that there should be a separation between church and state?

11:13 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Yes, but separation of church and state as defined by our founding fathers is that the govt wont endorse a religion. Most Americans are ignorant of this and think it means they have freedom FROM religion and shouldnt ever see it in their daily lives.
But in this case, I think this is a clear violation of sep of church and state.

6:44 AM  
Blogger joe said...

Of Course this is a clear violation of church and state, but i think you miss that many who immeadiately blame bush do so for good reason, It was during this administration that the government started paying "faith based organizations" to provide governmental services, it was during this administration that churches started kicking democrats from their congregations. All these things are violations of the seperation of church and state.

As for thinking it means freedom from religion... you obviously miss the point, it DOES provide from freedom from religion and those of us who are not christian, really dont like having Christianity shoved in our faces every day. The muslims arent the ones knocking at my door and harrassing me on the telephone because I live in a predominently Christina area. The Hindu's dont send me Jesus DVD's in the mail and the Jews dont force everyone to recognize the festival of lights. Not to mention never once has a native american accosted me in the mall telling me I am going to hell if I dont believe his ways.

Am I anti-christian? No, I am however against anyone forcing their views on others. I deal with god on my own terms, that's what free will is all about. I am as able to discern any conceivable will of god as the sheepherders that wrote the christian bible, and I know where my information comes from, whereas those who follow the writings of other men are at those centuries dead flat earther's mercy.

As for the meat of this article, I havent heard much about this other than a passing mention in the news, it doesnt concern me becuase christians are their own worst enemy, every christian may not be a klansman, but every klansman is a christian, and that same holier than though exclusionist dogma is rampant throughout all organized christianity. (all organized religion actually)

As for 401K's well, its good you get one, the majority of americans dont. I certainly dont have one, or any investment portfolio for that matter. I make barely enough to pay my hospital bills, much less invest. Its one of the problem with living in Western North Carolina, plenty of churches, no jobs.

I work hard, I do any job that I can find no matter what it is, while I run a small pc business, mostly repairs and networking with a few custom build thrown in, I also have to refinish furniture, restore antiques, paint, remodel houses and shovel mulch. I get by, and in all I'm cool with that. But the point is, poor doesnt mean lazy, stupid or uneducated. Its the hardest place to get out of, ask most anybody.

One question: where is that mind reader that tells you what liberals think? or what petri dish they live in? and are you really sure your petri dish is any more accurate?

12:10 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Im surrounded by liberals. I hear from Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, and the rest everyday. I do know what they are thinking: Not very much.

I am immediately turned off during a conversation if somebody says something like "jesus is your true salvation". Thats usually when I walk away. WHen they knock on my door, I open it a crack and say, "not interested , but thanks anyway" and if they persist I say "Perhaps Im being too polite" and I close the door. I dont take any literature that people try to hand me and I dont engage in conversation. I dont have to and I wont. Its that easy and I dont find it to be a bother. As for anybody who sendw me mail or tells me I'll burn in hell, I just get a good laugh of it and think about how much they are wasting their lives. But I beleive in God. That being said, nobody can force their views on me or even attempt to. I just shut them down and walk away. Most of the time I just look right through them and keep walking.

6:39 PM  

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