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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why Arianna Worships At The Altar of Murtha

Normally the Left has no fondness in its heart for a warrior. In their eyes, soldiers are trained killers for an imperialist war machine. That is, unless they are a democrat.

The dems are weak on defense. They abhor the military. Remember that Hillary didnt even want Marines to wear their uniforms in the White House during her and Bill's joint presidency.

But for the dems, its instant credibility for them to have a vet on board. In their eyes, questioning the credentials of a vet is tantamount to using strobe lights as 'torture devices' on detained terrorists. They are the most sacred of cows because if anybody dares to criticize them, they are instantly met with a chorus of 'how dare you besmirch a war hero'.
They circled the wagons for Kerry, who refused to offer up his wartime medical records to answer questions about his dubious Purple Hearts.

Ol' Jack has done the same thing. Jack is a war veteran who deserves the gratitude of an entire nation. He has been awarded the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for valor in combat, two Purple Hearts and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He retired from the Reserves as a colonel in 1990, receiving the Navy Distinguished Service Medal.

But.....Since 1967, there have been at least three different accounts of the injuries that purportedly earned Murtha his Purple Hearts. Those accounts also appear to conflict with the limited military records that are available, and Murtha has thus far refused to release his own military records.
One of Murtha's former Democratic congressional colleagues and a fellow decorated Vietnam veteran, Don Bailey of Pennsylvania, alleges that Murtha admitted during an emotional conversation on the floor of the U.S. House in the early 1980s that he did not deserve his Purple Hearts.

".. you admitted, back in our corner, that you didn't earn your purple hearts (sic) (you indicated you had small scratch on your cheek that wasn't even directly related to an APC [Armored Personnel Carrier] that ran over a small antipersonnel mine that was behind you). The other purple heart [sic] you even declined to explain," wrote Bailey in an open letter dated May 5, 2002.
"[Murtha] is putting himself forward as some combat veteran with serious wounds and he's using that and it's dishonest and it's wrong," said Bailey.

Abscam and Murtha
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Murtha was one of eight members of Congress lured to a Washington, D.C., townhouse by a team of FBI agents posing as representatives of a fictitious Arab sheik. They handed out briefcases filled with $50,000 in return for helping the sheik gain residency in the United States. The congressman "did not take the cash" offered by the agents. Instead, "he asked the fake sheik to consider investing some money in his struggling home town, Johnstown."

A July 30, 1981, article in the Washington Post quoted a committee source as saying that several allegations of misconduct against Murtha were rejected on a "near party-line vote." Since the panel was made up of six Democrats and six Republicans, seven votes were needed to file any charges.

Murtha and Lobbyists
The Fiscal Year 2005 defense appropriations bill also created problems for Murtha. He helped write the bill, and it reportedly contained millions of dollars in federal funding for at least 10 companies represented by KSA Consulting -- a lobbying firm that includes the congressman's brother, Robert "Kit" Murtha, as a senior partner.

Murtha has denied any wrongdoing, and an Ethics Committee investigation into the KSA Consulting matter may be conducted later this year.

Instantaneous hero

Anyone who calls for the withdrawal of U.S. military forces in Iraq "like Murtha and (peace activist) Cindy Sheehan becomes an instantaneous hero," Cliff Kincaid, editor of the conservative Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report, told Cybercast News Service, while "the media regard supporters of the war as fools and dupes."

To many in the media, Kincaid noted, the failure to find stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq "was absolutely convincing evidence this war was dishonestly sold.

"They're not going to let that happen again. In order to get back at the administration, they're going to try to undermine the policy with constant gloom and doom and negative news," Kincaid said.


Anonymous Pekka said...

I am not trying to be a smart ass here, but how much is enough for military spending in the US? I can't swear on the Bible but I think your military budget is just a hair under of the next 12 biggest spenders in the world, combined.

I tend to agree with president D. Eisenhower, when he warned about the evils of the Military-Industrial Complex in his farewell speech in 1962(?). I am sure that nobody has to remind you that the wars are totally different now and the old thinking, with the WWII attitudes, gets you nowhere.

The Ruskies as a serious player, although they are trying to change that with the new oil money, are no match to you, and China has ways to go. Your enemy now is Osamma and his ilk. Nuclear missiles and aircraft carriers just waist your resourses and will not provide the tools to deal with these kinds of packs of wolves.

Sorry, I was not able to be strictly in the subject that you laid out, for my lack of knowledge doesn't allow that, but I would be
intrested in hearing your points of view in the above mentioned matters!

12:34 AM  

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