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Monday, February 27, 2006

Too Much Distortion, Turn It Down, Arianna!!

What would the day be like if Arianna didnt twist the headline of a story into something to suit her agenda?
Today the headline on the Huffington Post reads:
Scalia's Got Cheney's Back - "I Used To Travel On The Subway From Queens To Manhattan With A Rifle"

But clink on the link and you are taken to a Tennessean.com story titled "Scalia Champions Hunting and Conservation".

Dick Cheney isnt mentioned anywhere in the article. Not ANYWHERE. So, how exactly does Scalia have "Cheney's back"? He doesnt. Unless he is speaking about the right to keep and bear arms. Scalia says,

"I grew up at a time when people were not afraid of people with firearms …" Scalia said. He told the group that, as a child growing up in New York City, he was part of a rifle team at the military school he attended.

"I used to travel on the subway from Queens to Manhattan with a rifle," he said. "Could you imagine doing that today in New York City?

"I hope (hunting culture) can be preserved … the hunting culture, of course, begins with a culture that does not have a hostile attitude toward firearms."

That headline about Scalia traveling on the subway with a rifle? That was intended to stir your leftist emotions, specifically the one that says guns are bad.

Here's how the Tolerant and Diverse group of Huffington devotees went on to describe the Supreme Court Justice:

More evidence that Scalia is just a cheap two-bit thug in a robe.

Wild Turkey? Is that what they hunt or what Cheney was drinking?

If Cheney had a more powerful weapon, his friend that he shot in error, would be dead.

Scalia should resign from being a justice if he wants to become a politican. He is showing old age and the inability remain open minded and listen to the arguments on both sides.

He should also have been impeached for stealing the 2000 elections by not allowing the counting of our votes.

Bush has already taken away many of our rights, and he is working on the rest of them.

Hunters love nature the same way pedophiles love children.

You do NOT have the unfettered right to own a gun unless you are part of a well-regulated militia -- drilling, training, REGULATED.

If rifles where the only fireams allowed then , yes, criminals would use rifles, but at least you would see them coming.

It was just a matter of time before Scalia backed up Cheney. After all he's been doing it for years. They are hunting buddies after all.

Scalia appears like the ultimate Mafia enforcer, but instead he's Supreme Court.

Scalia-he has to pop out of the bag of assholes every once in awhile.

What a liar, and a pussy. If he felt he had to do this, his real-name is Bernard Goetz. Pussy.

Those black people really scare republicans don't they?

That a rabid crackpot like Scalia "champions" this so called "sport" should be tell tell -a psycho-pussy with a weapon getting his kicks by decimating innocent life for no reason whatsoever....

Its obvious that most of these idiots didnt even read the article, they only read the HP subheading, and then like lemmings they started their faithful march to the sea.

Remember, they think their views are mainstream.


Anonymous Pekka said...

Now, I am the first one to addmit as not being an expert what comes to the American politics, and doubly so with your domestic variety. Let me just tell you shortly a little bit how I see it, as a typical Northern-European.

It seems to me that, more often than not, you have divided your magnificent country into two, and those halves have lost the ability to communicate and solve your common problems in any meanigful way. When I see your politicians "debate", it remains me an accident in a intersection where two parties rush out of their banged up cars and start immediatly yelling to each other and neither one listening.

The American media is in this undesirable situation as well. Lots and lots of dogma and less and less constructive fact finding. There seem to be no need to bring new purely ideolgical "facts" to be debated, because as I said; who's listening? Maybe you, dear people of the great USA, should start finding ways to close the void that seems, from Europe anyway, so wide. I sure hope that your blog will add to that and not to the before mentioned division.

Maybe you think that it's not my damn business what's going on there. The fact that you are the only super power left, and your culture, and last but defenetly not the least, your economy, is so dominant, your business is every body's business.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

Its nice to see that some people can express an opinion in an intelligent and forthright manner.

7:05 PM  

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