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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time to Whip Up Some Hysteria

"Is The GOP "Shock-The-Vote Gang" Planning To Heist California?" asks the title of a column by R J Eskow, Huffington Post 2/21

The DNC is revising some of its core strategies. Instead of introducing conspiracy theories after the fact, now they are being used as a preemtive tool to whip up some hysteria. The key strategy this year appears to entail claiming that the voting machines are already rigged for the GOP to 'steal another election'. Of course, they arent going to have a problem with the voting machines in districts where they win, only those in which they lose. Here's how R J Eskow writing for the Huffington Post sees things:

"The usual suspects are slipping into the Golden State. Political season is looming, there's a February chill in the Pacific breeze, and the GOP political 'family' is hard at work. California's appointed (as opposed to elected) Republican Secretary of State has recertified Diebold's voting machines, despite a damning report. Schwarzenegger is hiring a "steely" Karl Rove insider turned Dick Cheney capo, along with other national GOP campaign pols, to run his re-election campaign.

The "shock-the-vote" gang is ready to roll into the Golden State with their patented blend of dishonest spin, old-fashioned dirty tricks - and easy-to-rig voting machines that are being manufactured by Republicans and purchased by other Republicans."

And there you have it, more responsible conspiracy theories to dampen this years forthcoming losses at the ballot box. Isnt it scary? I mean, he practically paints a picture for you. Republicans are like the mafia. Cheney is a 'capo'. The GOP is 'the family'. And that part about a 'Karl Rove insider'....well it sounds like they have sent their best hit men in for this job.

Its extremely hilarious and clarifying when RJ complains that the CA Secretary of State is not an elected official but rather an 'appointed' one. No wonder he was so confused when he couldnt find Condi's name on the ballot during the last presidential election. "Excuse me, but I cant seem to find the candidates for Secretary of State on this ballot thingy....."


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