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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scary Christians

"Movement Grows To Make South Carolina A Christian Conservative Homeland.."
Another frightening headline from the Huffington Post in an attempt to portray Christians as some extremist religious faction hellbent on bringing a fatwah to your home state.

The HP specializes in printing misleading story subtitles. In this USA Today story, Cory Burnell, a 30-year-old financial adviser and founder of Christian Exodusplan is trying to recruit conservative Christians to move to South Carolina, an already conservative state. His reasoning is that the more Chrisitians that live there, the more their laws will reflect their own mores.

HP has seized upon this and tried to portray this is as some fundamentalist movement that threatens our freedom. Hence the image of the South Carolina flag (it has a crescent moon and this should make you think 'taliban'. ) Ask yourself this: would they have displayed the flag imagery if this had been any other state? No. The crescent moon is the money shot. The left loves to manipulate imagery and words because it is much easier than having to formulate ideas.

The Big Lie is the wording of their subtitle for the story, "Movement Grows....."

But exactly how much has this threatening group influenced the ways of South Carolinians?

"Burnell is yet to move to South Carolina himself, he says, because he is busy recruiting. But he says he is working out the logistics for his family to relocate. Considering the size of the exodus so far - only about 20 people have moved to the Palmetto State, most of them in the past year - Burnell's optimism might seem quixotic."

So, rest easy SC. A mob of religious fanatics is not descending upon your state to institute sharia law. I guess 20 people is all it takes to have a 'movement' these days...


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