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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Photoshop Still #1 With The Left

President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of allegedly illegal wiretaps, and he doesn't plan to stop. In response to this historic abuse of power, which threatens the very core of our Constitution, we've mounted a petition to "Restore the Rule of Law."
From Moveon.org

Photoshop still tops the list as the most important technological tool of the democrats. Nothing like a little image manipulation to get the needed affect. Stalin was pretty good at airbrushing people in and out of history. It was his party's technological tool of the time.

But getting back to the claim made by moveon.org, it appears this is another strikeout for the Bush-haters. He's not breaking any laws. Additionally, poll after poll shows support for the president on this issue. It is an outright lie for moveon to refer to this as an 'historic abuse of power', given the fact that every single president in the modern age has done the same thing, including Kennedy, Carter, and Slick Willie.

Note that the text over the image states as fact, "George Bush is breaking the law". Yet the wording beneath the manipulated image states "allegedly illegal wiretaps". They know he hasnt broken any laws. But, the left isnt about to let facts get in the way of their message, whatever that is. They know that their frothing-at-the-mouth, Bush-hating goons will continue to support them financially as long as they remain rabid.

We havent had another attack on our country since 9-11, but if we had, and the left found out that we had the opportunity to monitor enemy phone calls to the U.S. and didnt, they would be howling impeachment at the top of their lungs. The hypocrats.


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