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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The New Journalistic Standard of The Left

Steve Colbert is a funny guy, theres no doubt about it. I enjoy his show but I hardly consider it a news source. He is a 'fake' news anchor on the comedy channel and his job is to entertain. Now, as is the case with most comedians he leans to the left and theres nothing wrong with that. In fact, he seems to go after both sides with equal zeal.

But please, Arianna. Dont try to insinuate that he is some credible newsman that the President is losing any sleep over.

Arianna refers to Colbert as 'the godfather of truthiness' and then asks,
Jesus may be the president's favorite philosopher, but when it comes to spinning the facts, Bush seems to be asking himself WWCS? (What Would Colbert Say?). The truthiness will set you free.
Right now, Stephen Colbert is smiling. The rest of us should be outraged.

Colbert seems to be everywhere right now, with stories on him in the New York Times and Roll Call. And on Wednesday night, I'll be on the Colbert Report discussing truthiness among other things.

Ahhhh. Now I get it. This is just a little suckup time before she appears as a guest on the Colbert Report. Its just a plug!! I wonder if Colbert will tease Arianna about her Eva Gabor accent?

The rest of her posting today was the usual recycled fodder: Haliburton is making money, The Bush 'Taliban' lied about Iraq. You know, just the usual truthiness and more of the same old crap.


Blogger Jason Ward said...

The 'modern left' will embrace anything in print as long as the piece is in tune with their agenda. Republicans do the same, but not nearly to the degree that the Democrats do.

If you'd like to see some media manipulation, check out one of my latest posts titled, A Wonderful F├╝hrer.' There is a link to critique of an article in the German magazine 'Spiegel'. The editing in this article are the scandals that Huffington & Co. will never expose.

3:36 PM  

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