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Monday, February 20, 2006

Moveon.org - The Big Lie

Here's a dose of what you get from the front page of Hate-Bush sites like moveon.org. Richard Nixon tapped innocent Americans. He was crazy enough that he actually had an 'Enemies List" like some sort of 5th grader.

But to compare that to the war on terror is dishonest, and nobody does dishonesty better than Moveon.

No 'innocent' Americans are being wiretapped. Moveon knows this, and so does the left. Yet they will pump this lie over and over because they are harlots of deception.

Is your buddy, Abu, calling you from Mogadishu to tell you the latest and greatest Jihad? You know Abu..... That crazy fucko friend of yours who converted to Islam, changed his name, started banging his head on the floor three times a day and chanting 'Death to the USA'.

Well, if he's calling you or your calling him, I sure the fuck am glad somebody is listening. The left should stop crying and wake up to the fact that is vital to our NATIONAL SECURITY during a TIME OF WAR. Maybe if we intercept these calls from known associates of terrorists, you wont all wring your hands after the next 9-11 and cry, "Why didnt anybody see this coming? Why didnt somebody do something?"

The fact of the matter is, Clinton and Carter did the exact same thing to protect the American public. It didnt bother anybody then. Now its got the left in an uproar. But its just another 'pretend' uproar, brought to you by your dishonest friends on the left.


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