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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Huffington Post Readers.....The Hilarity and Hatred Ensues....

Here are some comments from Arianna's supporters regarding her whining about her treatment on Hannity & Colmes. I thought the left was all about peace, love, and harmony? Read on and decide for yourself what a tolerant bunch they are....

Anne Coulter, whose Adam's apple you could hang your coat off, being a man. But it's a moot point really. Either way, she is a female impersonator.

I saw the show last night. It was so horrific, I had to go throw up afterwards. I thought Arianna held up well, but I would not have blamed her if she walked out.

I'd like to see all liberals and Democrats boycott Fox. You just end up looking like shark chum.

The loud mouth Fox talking heads are nothing but cartoons of Rove's reality of hate and
smoke and mirrors. Keep the public amused the with hate mongers, and meanwhile, fleece the country of everything from civil rights to national budgets.

I find that when I'm channel surfing, Fox News is like that carton of milk way past its expiration date, taunting you from the back of the refrigerator. You KNOW it's gonna smell, but still you open it up and take a whiff.

People like Hannity and Coulter are sick sick puppies. Taking their marching orders from Roger Ailes and making big money running our nation into the ditch.

The evil that those two people, Ann & Sean exude from their very pores, will someday implode on them and they will come down with horrible cancers.

They were like demons waiting of the likes of Jeffrey Dahlmer inviting someone into see his house.

Come on, admit it. You know Coulter is really a man.

Sean needs to get his tough guy ass to Iraq and report all the good things happening there. Too bad he's a coward.

I will never, ever, watch ANYTHING FOX unless I'm forced to.


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