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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Evil Christians

"Major Petition Questioning Evolution Is Bogus....Evangelicals Are Most Of Signers..."

link to article at Huffington Post
So reads the subtitle of a column by Kenneth Chang on the Huffington Report. It should be noted that in the eyes of the left, there are no Christians. There are only Evangelical Christians and Fundamentalist Christians and they are bad people. They are confused people who actually believe in God. How crazy is that?

Kenneth Chang cannot fathom the possibility that a Christian scientist might be able to perform their job without interjecting their faith. Note how the subtitle states that 'evangelicals are most of signers' and therefor it is a 'bogus' report.

Yet, when you explore the article you immediately notice that a few key facts have been omitted. There were 514 scientists who signed this petition which states that Evolutionary Science does not have all the answers. That would mean 258 of these scientists would have to be Evangelical Christians for Changs claim to hold true. What evidence does he back this up with? How did he arrive at his conclusion that 'most' of the signers were Christians?

Here's what he says:
"random interviews with 20 people who signed the petition and a review of the public statements of more than a dozen others suggest that many are evangelical Christians."

Okay, lets assume that for the sake of this argument ALL 20 of those who were interviewed were fanatical fundamentalist evangelical Christians....and then lets throw in the other dozen he mentions. Thats 32. A far cry from a majority.

The left is so dishonest it doesnt even bother trying to hide it anymore. They twist the facts to suit their own agenda. They so despise God, Christians, Conservatives, and Decent People that the only way they can reach their base is by lying and spreading hate.

Shame on you, Arianna!


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