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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Everybody Loves Buckley

Bill Buckley says something negative about the Bush administration and suddenly he has credibility with the Huffington Post. It should be noted that prior to this, the HP and its soft-underbellied minions thought William F. Buckley jr was evil incarnate and that his opinions didnt matter. Since then, something wonderful has happened; in the blink of an eye the despised Mr. Buckley has had his status upgraded to credible. And all he had to do was agree with the left that America is losing the war against terror and that America cant win.

This is what they were saying at the Huffington Post about William F. Buckley as recent as Nov, 2005:

From a column by Jane Hamsher on 11/3/05, titled "Immanentize This":
"Buckley got the Medal of Freedom from Bush Sr. There were many long-time GOP honchos who got pushed off the stage when the NeoCons made their unholy alliance with the College Republicans for control of the hearts and...okay, well the hearts of Christo-crazed America. That they might be ready for some payback too should surprise no one.
Before anybody gets all misty-eyed over ol' Bill as a "true conservative" as opposed to the current cabal of kleptocratic usurpers within the Republican party, remember that he rose to prominence defending Joe McCarthy and segregation. Bill is something less than a Great Man. He is the author of God and Man at Yale, and it was never quite clear which one Bill thought he was."

Then the Huffington Post readers added their 2 cents of tolerance and diversity:

Nice backhand to Mr. Buckley. He never has had a conversation as much as he gives pretentious lectures to shocked people wondering: Why am I sitting here listening to this preposterous ass?

The Pedagogical Mr. Buckley will never die, he just lives to drone on and on and on. But at least his facial twitches are amusing as he dithers on.

William F. Buckley?
Aint he that dude who like to use big words to intimidate persons?

Willian F. ... a true media whore Diva's media whore Diva.

William F Buckley, a true candy ass with yellow teeth, a rumpled look an odd posture, weirder yet are his affiliations (secret society bits, involving some twisted version of Catholic Christianity) a damn fool with a large vocabulary.

Buckley is an attention-grabbing buffoon who stands out like a sore thumb everywhere he goes.

Mr. Buckley needs to contribute something meaningful, or quit writing; otherwise it is simply mental masturabation on his part.

What evil Lurks in the hearts of men (Buckley too)? The Shadow knows...............

These drooling geezers seem to be able to bullshit themselves into believing just about anything.

But thats all in the past. Now they are ready to quote him on Page One.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for reminding us that Jane Hamsher both runs and speaks for every member of the Huffington Post. Almost forgot.


4:36 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

It wasnt so much what Jane said, as it was the wonderfully hateful comments from the Huffington Post readers. Thats what made it interesting. Hate mongers.

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevin, wanna fight a soldier?

3:07 PM  
Blogger Senor said...

I fight the liberal left daily....I'll be here...

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Pekka said...

Personally, have you changed your attitudes since the beginning of the war, in hind sight, or are they still the same? Oh, by the way, I think I agree with you about the lady Huffington!

12:45 AM  

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