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Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogging With Arianna - Tolerance and Diversity

"Russert Watch: The Mary Matalin Horror Show" reads headline from Arianna's blog

link to ariannas post
Sometimes I get the impression that Arianna Huffington isnt a very nice person. That impression is usually reinforced on a daily basis as I read her blog. Today she loaded up her six-guns, saddled up her high horse, and moseyed into town to take a potshot at Mary Matalin. What was Mary's crime? Well, for starters, she's a (gasp!!!) REPUBLICAN! But worse than that, according to Arianna, Mary has committed fashion crimes. My God, the terrorists have already won!

"Let's start with the unavoidable: what was she wearing? First, the brooch. Or was it a sculpture? Or was it perhaps some bizarre new NSA listening device? ....And then there was the black Asian pajama top to match the black eye makeup and the scarlet red nails to match the scarlet red lips."

After attacking Mary's fashion sense, Arianna went for the jugular:
"The impact of her appearance was to make the whole story seem even less under control than having a beer and shooting your friend in the face."

Arianna should concentrate less on wardrobe malfunctions and more on the truth. She and her liberal friends love to play games with words. For instance, nobody was 'shot in the face'. Mr. Whittington was peppered with small birdshot, the majority of it in his shoulder and neck region. Very few pellets hit his face. Had he been 'shot in the face' he wouldnt have been standing there at a press conference informing the world as to what a bunch of dumbfucks the liberal media are. But dont let that stop the left from exaggerating the facts.

Then there is the matter of this picture on her site comparing Matalin to
Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty. This is another common tactic of the mean-spirited left. You dont see this crap on conservative sites. You dont see this degree of immaturity anywhere except from the left.

These were the same childish tactics they used against Katherine Harris, comparing her to Cruella and comparing the president to Curious George. These are the antics of attention starved high school students, not mainstream media professionals.

But then again, Arianna is the biggest Attention Seeking Whore of them all.

Oh, and I'm sorry Harry Whittington didnt die for you. I know you all had your fingers crossed and were hoping for the best, but Dick Cheney escapes again. Better luck next time....


Blogger Jason Ward said...

I hit the random button and got this blog... Excellent stuff. In fact, I was going to write a story on Huffington and her partner vanden Huevel last night, but I was much too tired and went to bed. Check out my blog at http://arktinenjenkki.blogspot.com/ and keep up the good work

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