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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arianna's Latest Drivel

"Dubious About Dubai: Cutting to the Heart of Bush's National Security Hypocrisy"

Thats the title of Arianna's latest column. Anytime Arianna uses the word 'hypocrisy' to describe somebody else, my curiousity gets the best of me and I have to read more. I happen to agree that the Dubai Port deal is flawed. As I have stated in a previous post, I think its no bueno. So do most people regardless of political affiliation. We Republicans will criticize our leaders when something smells fishy. We dont circle the wagons and pontificate on how glorious the emperors clothes are. But lets remember that during Hill's "joint presidency" with the philandering crooked stick Willie, they sold the UAE (60) F-16's. So what's the deal? If they're a terrorist nation, why the hell would we sell them (60) F-16's? It's okay for them to service our warships in Dubai, it's okay for us to ship our military hardware through Dubai?

So, I'm going to have to disagree with a few of the more ridiculous comments in this latest post of hers. Her comments reflect the Democrat Dogma that if you repeat a lie often enough, (or as Arianna says, "start pummeling"), fellow kool-aid drinkers will lap it up. They want to believe it. Their hatred of the president demands it.

Arianna writes:
1. "Bush's reputation as the Great Protector who will do anything -- anything! -- to keep us safe, even if it means torturing, spying, and trashing the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions, is his one remaining political asset."

We dont torture, Arianna. You should talk to some true American heroes who have spent time in Japanese, Vietnamese, and German POW camps. Some of them are still alive. They would be happy to define torture for you. We spy on the Enemy, Arianna. They are the bad guys who are trying to kill us. We think it would be beneficial for us to kill them first. When they use their weekend Verizon Wireless minutes to call buddies of theirs in the U.S., we listen in. Thank God.

As for trashing the Constitution, I'd say the left, their college professors ,and their friends at the ACLU already have patents pending on that. The Geneva Convention refers to prisoners of war, prisoners who are captured while fighting in uniform for a declared state. Pedophile murderous thugs in dirty night shirts dont qualify.

"That says all you need to know about the perverted priorities of the Bush White House. Four and a half years after 9/11, our ports remain shockingly vulnerable to terrorist attacks, with about five percent of cargo given security screenings. Our chemical and nuclear plants are similarly susceptible."

Have their been any attacks in America since 9-11, Arianna? We know that a few have been thwarted. Are your mansions still standing, your stock investments doing alright? Any attacks on chemical or nuclear plants? Whats that, I didnt hear you....
Were you still able to have your luncheon this week with the finger sandwiches, caviar, and chardonnay?
Yes, we are still susceptible to attack from the enemy. That is why We must be vigilant. Thank God we are listening to their phone calls....


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